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Awards and Commendations


This page contains a complete listing of all current Union Army Awards.

Individual awards can be downloaded by going to the display pages and right clicking over the original and saving to your pc.
Or you can download a complete set of the large and small awards


The list below displays the Large Size awards whose ribbons are 104x35 pixels.

Smaller versions (61x21 pixel ribbons) are available




Additional Awards


Union Command Staff Service Awards


Union Army Service Awards


HPS/JTS Campaign Awards






Forge of Freedom ACW Awards


War Between the States Awards


Battleground Ribbons


HPS/JTS Ribbons


Battlefield Ribbons


The awards below were created as 61x21 pixel files, the size used most often on army and individual webpages.

Small Ribbons


Award file downloads

The files below contain a complete library off all the union army awards along with an Excel and txt file containing a list of the award names and the file names.
They have been divided into large and small awards as seen on this website.
You can download a zipfile containing all the gif files for either size with mixed case or all lower case names by clicking on the appropriate line below.

Large Awards with mixed case names
Large Awards with all lower case names
Small Awards with mixed case names
Small Awards with all lower case names



Scenario Listings

Below is a list of zipfiles containing PDF files showing which scenarios qualify for Battlefield Ribbons.
These are divided into groups based on the campaigns involved.
For example the Bull Run/Antietam series includes scenarios from HPS Antietam and BG Bull Run and BG Antietam
as well as mods from various titles that pertain to these campaigns.
The zipfiles can be downloaded by clicking on the link for each.
These files were made possible by the work of Gen. Joseph Meyer & Major Gen. Francois Chatain

Bull Run and Antietam
Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg


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Current Union award designs were produced by Joseph Meyer.
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