Union Army of the Shenandoah

Advanced Training Officer Duties

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 ~ Advanced Training Officer (ATO), AotS ~
 (The AotS Army Commander shall be responsible for these duties if no Advanced Training Officer has been appointed.)
  • Maintain games in a timely and enjoyable fashion agreeable to your opponents.
  • Visit the ACWGC Main Forum, the Union Army HQ Forum (including the AotS Winchester Arms Subforum), and the AotS Home Page at least once a month to keep abreast of army news and developments.
  • Upon receipt of the Army Commander's "Muster Call" e-mail, make either a Muster Report in the Winchester Arms Back Room, or make a response through the ACWGC Muster selection in the Reports Section of the Department of Records, or make a reply to the AC's E-mail before the 15th of each month.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated, the Advanced Training Officer performs all of the duties associated with his normal field command, as outlined above.
  • The Advanced Training Officer is responsible for the immediate and timely orientation of a newly assigned officer, utilizing the platform of an "Advanced Training Game." His duties in this regard include the following:
    • Check to see that the new officer has access to the ACWGC Automated System (Department of Records) and is versant in both proper game reporting and report reading, especially the Field Promotion Report. He must also establish that the new officer can correctly find the E-mail addresses of club members from the Roster or OOB sections.
    • Make certain the the new officer has proper access to the Mason Dixon Forums and that he can properly read and post within the Opponents Wanted section.
    • Make certain that the new officer has proper access to the Union Army Library and has been provided with the correct passwords.
    • Make certain that the new officer has been provided with the internet sites associated with the Army of the Shenandoah and that he has access to the Union Army HQ Forum and can properly post within the Back Room of the Winchester Arms subforum. If the new officer does not have access to these locations, notify the Army Commander.
    • Provide the new officer with a basic education regarding the organization and structure of the Army of the Shenandoah.
    • Make certain that the new officer understands the AotS Muster Procedure.
    • Provides a suitable tactical and operational training lesson of his own choice of a length he considers suitable to the awardance of the AotT Advance Training Ribbon to that new officer.
  • The Advanced Training Officer will provide the Army Commander or Chief of Staff with a confidential report of the new officer's character, level of enthusiasm and any noticeable traits or background information that he has noticed during the training exercise which he feels may contribute to that officer's future development.
  • The Advanced Training Officer may also undertake additional tactical and operational skill training with any AotS officer who requests it.
  • The Advanced Training Officer shall be considered an officer of the Army of the Shenandoah's Administrative Staff in addition to his field command duties.

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