Welcome to the
Union Military Academy
Where Cadets Become ACWGC Union Officers

   The ACWGC mandates a single, short training game of all its new members to insure they learn the rudiments of the sanctioned games of their choice(s) and especially the methods of Play By E-Mail (PBEM). In this academy the cadet will also be taught the basic organization of the club, its rules, regulations and communication conventions as they apply to his membership and good order. If the Instructors can impart a few tactical skills along the way, they are glad to do it! But the primary goal is to get new members through this process as "painlessly" for them as possible and to have them confidently commissioned into the "field" as soon as practicable.

To instill within all of our cadets

An Ethical, Honest Approach To Game Play,
Courteous Conduct Towards Their Opponents,
Promptness In the Return of Game Files, and
That Winning Or Losing Is Secondary To Their Overall Enjoyment of the Games!


Next step:
A Visit to the Superintendent's Office