Union Army Headquarters
Union Military Academy
(To gain academy access, click upon the doors!)

Ex Plures In Unus!
(ACWGC Union Military Academy motto: From Many Into One!)

The seals of the twenty-four states loyal to the Union frame the entrance to the UMA, signifying the diversity
of the cadets who march forward as one!

"We don't concern ourselves with the making of wars, Senator...only with the fighting of them!"
(Line from the 1941 Warner Bros. film, They Died with Their Boots On)

The games displayed above are supported by the American Civil War Game Club
( ~ Players must possess their own games ~ )

From left to right they are:
First Row - Battleground Bull Run, Battleground Chickamauga, Battleground Gettysburg, Battleground Antietam, and Battleground Shiloh.
Second Row - HPS Campaign Corinth, HPS Campaign Atlanta, HPS Campaign Chickamauga, HPS Campaign Antietam and HPS Campaign Ozark.
Third Row - HPS Campaign Peninsula, HPS Campaign Shiloh, HPS Campaign Vicksburg, HPS Campaign Franklin and HPS Campaign Gettysburg.
Fourth Row - HPS Campaign Chancellorsville, JTS Campaign Overland and JTS Campaign Petersburg.
Fifth Row - John Tiller's Battleground Civil War, Gary Grigsby's War between the States, Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War: 1861-1865,
AGEOD's American Civil War The Blue and the Grey, AGEOD's The American Civil War, AGEOD's Civil War II, and AGEOD's Civil War II, The Bloody Road South.

Union Army Recruiting Station

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Song title: Old Grad's March, from the album, West Point on the March
by The U. S. Military Academy Band, Altissimo!, 2006.

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