Room 108
Understanding and Using the WinZip Program
~ Introduction ~

      E-mailing game files is usually done through the application and use of the WinZip software program, a utility that lets you compress the file for packet transmission across the Internet from one point to another. Doing so makes the transmission safer and quicker. Most ACWGC club members use the WinZip utility.

      Game files can also be copied from the game program's root directly and attached raw to an e-mail. The recipient, however, must then save the attachment to his own, correct game root directly location. However, if you receive game files from your opponent in a WinZip format, you must still be able to use the utility to properly unzip and save it!

      If you are unfamiliar with the WinZip program, this on-line tutorial has been written to help you learn how to master zipping and unzipping files.