Room 105
Starting a New, "WBTS" PBEM Game
~ Introduction ~

      Gary Grigsby's War Between the States may be played in the PBEM format, but has a special consideration that should be met. The Confederate player must be the one to start the game! This is due to the use of the random leader optional rules (18.1), wherein the Union player might be tempted to restart the game to obtain better leaders!

~ Confederate Player's Set Up ~

      A "WBTS" game may be initiated by opening the wbts.exe file found in your selected game's main folder location, or by a convenient, shortcut that you have previously located on your desktop. Once opened you will be presented with the game's preliminary selection display. Click the word "PLAY" at the upper right-hand corner.

      The game's loading window will be displayed next. Allow the red loading bar to completely fill the horizontal track, and then wait for the Main Selection Display to appear.

      The Main Selection Screen will now be displayed. The Confederate player will then: check the PBEM box; set the control for each side to "human;" select the agreed upon scenario; select the agreed upon "difficulty level" and "game options;" and then start the selected scenario.

      Once the scenario has been selected and started, the Confederate player will be asked to record a password and click the "check" button.

      The computer will then automatically go to the "Save Game" screen, at which time the Confederate player will be required to save the game by clicking upon the Save Game icon, entering a name for the game and then clicking the "check" button.

      The Confederate player must then exit the game. The PBEM game file will be saved in the root directory of the game (in the "dat/save" folder), which will then need to be e-mailed to the Union player.

~ Union Player's Set Up ~

      Upon receiving the game file (.psv) via e-mail from the Confederate player, the Union player must save it to his dat/save folder in the root directory of the game. After that is done the Union player can then normally start the game and upon reaching the selection screen check the PBEM box and activate the "Load Game" selection!

      The "Load Game" screen will appear next! The Union player must then in order check the "SHOW PBEM SAVES" checkbox, highlight and select the desired game, and then activate the "Load Selected Game" icon!

      The game program will then immediately ask the Union player to enter his own password before proceeding with his turn.

      When the Union player has eventually completed both the movement and production phases of his turn, he will select the "End Your Turn" buuton from the tool box.

      The game will then ask the Union player to verify if he really wants to end his turn, or to leave that phase.

      The screen will then display a review record of all of the production values incorporated for that turn.

      The game save screen will then be presented, from which the Union player will highlight the game to be saved and then click the "Save Over Current marked Game" icon.

      The Union player can then exit the game, and e-mail the game file from the dat/save folder of the game's root directory.


      The WBTS program keeps track of how many times each player has loaded a saved game during the current turn when playing in a PBEM game. Some PBEM players prefer that their opponents not be able to replay all or part of their turns. The loaded count appears just after the Console message on the Load Game screen. The program will track the number of times the game has been loaded during a player's turn.

      Each time a saved game is loaded, the save, and all other saves by this player this turn will have that player's load count increased by one. Whenever a new save is made, the load count only for this save will be decreased by one.

      Whenever a PBEM games is saved, the program will automatically exit to the main menu. As long as a player always loads the most recent save (and only loads each save once), the final load count passed to the opponent will be "0." This means that you would know if your opponent loaded a saved game more than once if the count value is greater than "0!" If either player simply plays a portion of his turn, stops and saves it, and then returns by loading the save, finishes his turn and then saves the game file again, no tracking count is induced. But, if at any time a player begins his turn, stops and exits the program without a save, and then subsequently reloads the orginal file, the program will recognize it as an extra load.