Room 103
Starting a New, Single Scenario "HPS" PBEM Game
~ Introduction ~

      The following pictures and text are applicable to all of the HPS Campaign Civil War titles, although HPS Campaign Chickamauga (HPSCCH) is used as an example. The basic steps are all the same whether your are starting a training game with your instructor, a battle game with an opponent or a maneuver game with someone from your own side. In the ACWGC you, a Union officer, may also fight a battle with an opponent from the other side, but fight it as the Rebel commander! The HPS games may be started as single scenarios or full-length campaigns. This is the single scenario lesson.
      Given the wealth of add-on graphical packages which may be downloaded into your game files, the screen captures used within this lesson may not exactly match the screens on your own computer.

~ The Preliminary Windows ~

      By default, after the introduction, the Main Program begins by prompting you for the name of the file to open using the "File Selection Dialog" window shown below. (The single scenario Main Program for any HPS title can be started by activating the "cpc.exe" file from the selected game's main file folder. It is much more convenient to install shortcut's to these particular files on your desktop.)
      Select "New" status, "Play-By-E-Mail" mode and select a scenario. Then click the "OK" button.

      The "New Scenario Dialog" window will be displayed next, from which you will be asked to select which side you will be playing, engage the "Fog-of-War" selection and then access the optional rules selection.

      The "Optional Rules Dialog" box will then appear from which you will be able to select the specific optional rules upon which you and your opponent have agreed. If you need explanations about these options and how they affect the game play, you need only click upon the "Help" button. Once you have made your selections, click upon the "OK" button to return to the setup screen.

      You will once again be presented with the "New Scenario Dialog" box. The game is now properly set up to play. Click the "OK" button.

      Depending upon whether you are the first-turn player or not, your screen will display one of two message sets.

If you are the first-turn player, your screen will be superimposed with one of the two displays shown below.

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If you are not the first-turn player, your screen will be superimposed with the window shown below.

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