Cadet Corps

(In Training)
Cadet Scott Parsons, Instructor Dave Danner
Cadet James Boling, Instructor Dave Danner
Cadet Joseph Meighan, Instructor Derald Riggs

(Refresher Training)
Dec. 04, 2017, Cadet David Houghtaling, Instructor David Danner
Jul. 12, 2017, Cadet Bob Ciolek, Instructor David Danner
Oct. 02, 2017, Cadet Steve Sober, Instructor Mark Nelms
Nov. 05, 2017, Cadet Walt Dortch, Instructor David Danner

      (The Commemorative Class Plaques displayed below contain a thorough combing of the extant DoR records going back to the Spring of 2001 and, in some cases, the personal recollections of the participants themselves. Not shown are the original graduation entries of those officers who transferred into the Union organization and who received their original training as members of the C.S.A. Only the first graduation of an officer who repeated his training for any reason is shown, except in those cases where the first date precedes the Spring of 2001. The names of some Instructors have been omitted from a graduate's entry as that particular information has been lost within the DoR. Visitors are asked to provide or correct information as they may be able.)