Union Army
Awards and Commendations

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HPS Ribbons

Awarded for five Major Victories in a particular HPS game regardless of scenario length.
Officer's are resposible for providing list of Game ID's to qualify.
Game must be a Battle against a member of the CSA side,
Maneuvers are not eligible.
HPS Corinth Ribbon HPS Corinth
HPS Ozark Ribbon HPS Ozark
HPS Franklin Ribbon HPS Franklin
HPS Gettysburg Ribbon HPS Gettysburg
HPS Penninsula Ribbon HPS Penninsula
HPS Shiloh Ribbon HPS Shiloh
HPS Vicksburg Ribbon HPS Vicksburg
HPS Atlanta Ribbon HPS Atlanta
HPS Chickamauga Ribbon HPS Chickamauga
HPS Antietam Ribbon HPS Antietam
HPS Bull Run Ribbon HPS Antietam
HPS Chancellorsville Ribbon HPS Chancellorsville
HPS Overland Ribbon JTS Overland


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