Union Army
Awards and Commendations

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Battlefield Awards
Awarded for a Major Victory in a scenario of 35 or more turns,
regardless of the number of turns actually played,
or the side played in the game.
Game must be a Battle against a member of the CSA side,
Maneuvers are not eligible.
Blackburn's Ford Ribbon Blackburn's Ford
1st Bull Run Ribbon First Bull Run
Thoroughfare Gap Ribbon Thorougfare Gap
2nd Bull Run Ribbon Second Bull Run
2nd Manassas Ribbon Second Manassas
Chantilly Ribbon Chantilly
Turner's Gap Ribbon Turner's Gap
Hagerstown Hagerstown
Gaps to Manassas Gaps to Manassas
South Mountain Ribbon South Mountain
Antietam Ribbon Antietam
Brock Road Ribbon Brock Road
Orange Plank Road Ribbon Orange Plank Road
Silver Sabres Ribbon Silver Sabres
Falmouth Ribbon Falmouth
Rappahannock Ribbon Rappahannock
Marye's Heights Ribbon Marye's Heights
One Day Fredericksburg Ribbon Fredericksburg, 1 Day
Two Day Fredericksburg Ribbon Fredericksburg, 2 Day
Second Fredericksburg Ribbon Second Fredericksburg
Wilderness '63 Ribbon Wilderness '63
Hazel Grove Ribbon Hazel Grove
Ely's Ford Ribbon Ely's Ford
Upper Fords Ribbon Upper Fords
1 Day Chancellorsville Ribbon Chancellorsville, 1 Day
2 Day Chancellorsville Ribbon Chancellorsville, 2 Day
3 Day Chancellorsville Ribbon Chancellorsville, 3 Day
4 Day Chancellorsville Ribbon Chancellorsville, 4 Day
5 Day Chancellorsville Ribbon Chancellorsville, 5 Day
Dowdall's Tavern Ribbon Dowdall's Tavern
Salem Church Ribbon Salem Church
Salem Church, Equal Fight Ribbon Salem Church, Equal Fight
Burnt Bridges Ribbon Burnt Bridges
Bullburg Ribbon Bullburg
3rd Winchester Ribbon Third Winchester
NewMarket Ribbon New Market
Val Verde Ribbon Val Verde
Olustee Ribbon Olustee
Brandy Station Ribbon Brandy Station
Rappahannock Ribbon Rappahannock
2nd Winchester Ribbon Second Winchester
Blue Ridge Ribbon Blue Ridge Mountains
(Gaps to Manassas)
Aldie Ribbon Aldie
Gettysburg Ribbon Gettysburg
Pipe Creek Ribbon Pipe Creek
Falling Waters Ribbon Falling Waters
Sharpsburg Ribbon Sharpsburg
Belmont Ribbon Belmont
Mill Springs Ribbon Mill Springs
Fort Henry & Donelson Ribbon Fort Henry & Donelson
Cairo Ribbon Cairo
Tennessee Forts Defence Ribbon Tennessee Forts Defence
Nashville Ribbon Nashville '62
Franklin Ribbon Franklin '62
Frankfort Ribbon Frankfort '62
Jackson Ribbon Jackson
Butler Ribbon Butler
New Madrid Ribbon New Madrid
Shiloh Ribbon Shiloh
Calf Killer Creek Ribbon Calf Killer Creek
White Oak Creek Ribbon White Oak Creeks
Perryville Ribbon Perryville
Murfreesboro Ribbon Murfreesboro
Franklin Ribbon Franklin '63
West Harpeth River Ribbon West Harpeth River
Nashville Ribbon Nashville '63
Frankfort Ribbon Frankfort '63
Greater Mill Springs Ribbon Greater Mill Springs
Chickmauga Ribbon Chickamauga
Chattanooga Ribbon Chattanooga
Missionary Ridge Ribbon Missionary Ridge
Pea Ridge Ribbon Pea Ridge
Prairie Grove Ribbon Prairie Grove
Carthage Ribbon Carthage
Lexington Ribbon Lexington
Dalton Ribbon Dalton
Rocky Face Ridge Ribbon Rocky Face Ridge
Resaca Ribbon Resaca
Cassville Ribbon Cassville
Dallas Ribbon Dallas
Kennesaw Chase Ribbon Kennesaw Chase
Kolb's Farm Ribbon Kolb's Farm
Kennesaw Mountain Kennesaw Mountain
Chattahoochie Ribbon Chattahoochie
Siege of Atlanta Ribbon Siege of Atlanta
Peachtree Creek Ribbon Peachtree Creek
Advance on Atlanta Ribbon Advance on Atlanta
Atlanta Ribbon Atlanta
Jonesboro Ribbon Jonesboro
Corinth Ribbon Corinth
Hatchie Ribbon Hatchie
Ripley Ribbon Ripley
Davis Bridge Ribbon Davis Bridge
Pursuit from Corinth Ribbon Pursuit from Corinth
Defence of Iuka Ribbon Defence of Iuka
Metamora Ribbon Metamora
Little Yellow Creek Ribbon Little Yellow Creek
Iuka Ribbon Iuka
Purdy Ribbon Purdy
Grand Junction Ribbon Grand Junction
Jackson Ribbon Jackson
Race to Memphis Ribbon Race to Memphis
Paducah Ribbon Paducah
Return to Corinth Ribbon Return to Corinth
Memphis Ribbon Memphis
Cypress Creek Ribbon Cypress Creek
NonConnah Creek Ribbon Nonconnah Creek
Columbia Ribbon Columbia
Spring Hill Ribbon Spring Hill
Franklin Tn Ribbon Franklin '64
Nashville Ribbon Nashville '64
Chickasaw Bayou Ribbon Chickasaw Bayou
Snyder's Bluff Ribbon Snyder's Bluff
Port Gibson Ribbon Port Gibson
Willows and Ingraham Hts. Ribbon Willows and Ingraham Hts.
Redbone Church Ribbon Redbone Church
Fourteen Mile Creek Ribbon Fourteen Mile Creek
Vicksburg Ribbon Vicksburg
Big Black Bridge Ribbon Big Black Bridge
Edward's Station Ribbon Edward's Station
Clinton Ribbon Clinton
Champion Hill Ribbon Champion Hill
7 Pines Ribbon Seven Pines
Second 7 Pines Ribbon Second Seven Pines
Richmond '62 Ribbon Richmond '62
Siege of Richmond Ribbon Siege of Richmond
James River '62 Ribbon James River '62
Oak Grove Ribbon Oak Grove
Beaver Dam Ribbon Beaver Dam
Golding Farm Ribbon Golding Farm
Savage Station Ribbon Savage Station
Glendale Ribbon Glendale
White Oak Swamp Ribbon White Oak Swamp
Malvern Hill Ribbon Malvern Hill
7 Days Ribbon Seven Days
6 Days Ribbon Six Days
5 Days Ribbon Five Days
4 Days Ribbon Four Days
3 Days Ribbon Three Days
2 Days Ribbon Two Days
Campaign Overland Ribbon Campaign Overland
Drewry Bluff Ribbon Drewry Bluff
New Market Ribbon New Market
Piedmont Ribbon Piedmont
Greater Mine Run Ribbon Greater Mine Run
Mine Run '63 Ribbon Mine Run '63
Mine Run '64 Ribbon Mine Run '64
Second Mine Run Ribbon Second Mine Run
Catharpin Run Ribbon Catharpin Run
Wilderness '64 Ribbon Wilderness '64
Rapidan Ribbon Rapidan
Wilderness '64 (2nd Day) Ribbon Wilderness '64 (2nd Day)
Brock's Crossing Ribbon Brock's Crossing
Massapanox Ribbon Massapanox
Gordonsville Ribbon Gordonsville
Spotsylvania Ribbon Spotsylvania
Greater Spotsylvania Ribbon Greater Spotsylvania
Yellow Tavern Ribbon Yellow Tavern
Mule Shoe Ribbon Mule Shoe
Myer's Hill Ribbon Myer's Hill
Louisa Courthouse Ribbon Louisa Courthouse
Mud Tavern Ribbon Mud Tavern
North Anna Ribbon North Anna
Totopotomy Creek Ribbon Totopotomy Creek
Greater Totopotomy Creek Ribbon Greater Totopotomy Creek
Cold Harbor Ribbon Cold Harbor
Trevillian Station Ribbon Trevillian Station
Richmond '64 Ribbon Richmond '64


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