American Civil War Game Club

American Civil War Game Club

The Union Army Library
Formerly the Union Army War College

The mission of the Union Army Library is to preserve the articles written for the former Union Army War College and to keep them available for future generations of Union officers.

As a result of the history of this institution, most articles will still contain references to the Union Army War College. As this does no harm and would need a lot of work to edit out, it will most likely just remain so.

For security reasons the contents of these pages are protected by a password. Federal officers can obtain this password from their corps or army commanders or by sending an email to Gen. Jos. C. Meyer.

Vacancy: The Union Army Library is looking for a Librarian to maintain the present site and add new articles, should they be submitted by our officers. Any Federal officer in good standing with the necessary web skills (HTML) can apply. Send your application to the Union Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Jos. C. Meyer.

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