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Notes for contributors

When submitting an article for the Library site, it is appreciated if you adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Submit your text as MS Word .doc file (preferred) or .txt file.

2. Use special formatting (boldface, Italics, underline, different font sizes) as sparingly as possible. On the Library site, only boldface is used for emphasis, and in copying the submitted text to HTML the original formattings are lost anyway. Do not use all-uppercase for headers or emphasis as this is not used on the Library site either and requires that the text be re-typed when bringing it to HTML.

3. Unless your subject requires a different approach, try to structure your text similarly to the examples provided by other contributions. A good way for strategy guides is to start with a description of the field, the forces, and the general situation, then moving on to the overall approach and its purpose, before going into tactical details. A battle report might provide a shorter overview of the scenario and the problems it poses, then describe the battle plan, the actual course of the battle in more depth, ending up with an appreciation of how well the plan worked out, and if not, then why.

4. It is encouraged that you include graphics (map snapshots) in your article. Make sure that the graphics files are as small as possible. A 100 kb file takes over 30 seconds to load with a dial-up connection (and large files are also eating up our web space). Ways to reduce file size are

Do not include the graphics in your Word .doc file. Rather, note "map 1" &c. (or the file name) where the graphics should be placed, and send the graphics files separately, preferably all in one Zip archive as this facilitates our work.

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