Second Division, XVI Corps History

A recollected history of the ACWGC's old Union Army of the Tennessee by its former members and participants.

Second Division, XVI Corps History

Postby Pony Soldier » Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:16 am

When I queried my brigade commanders on ideas for a name for the Second Division, Lt Col. Neal Carney came up with this bit of history. I am posting it here with LtCol Kearny's permission so all Army members can share the knowldedge.

Dan Peterjohn
2nd Division Commander

I have found that the men of 2nd Division under the command of Andrew Jackson Smith had several nicknames applied to them: 'gorillas' and "Israelites". I have listed where I found the information, but do not know where these quotes originated. However, I have found that the 2nd Division was well regarded. Please find attached some of the sites that I have tracked down so far.
Lt. Col. Neal Carney

"I’ve read a certain joke in many forms, often unattributed to its source: A.J. Smith. I believe a general complained to Smith that 4 of 6 turkeys had been stolen from him and he blamed Smith’s Guerillas. Smith replied, “Couldn’t have been my men, not my men, they would have taken them all!” A dark sense of humor there. The “Lost Tribes of Israel” name probably came from Smith himself — a feeling that his corps was wondering in the wilderness chasing trouble from hither and yon." -- Civil Warriors -- "A. J. Smith's Gorillas" --

"George Thomas was said to have given A J Smith a huge bear hug when Smith arrived just before the Nashville battle. Thomas admired his friend, another old cavalry trooper, and knew that his “Isrealites” would make a huge difference in the coming fight. They did. It was primarily Smith’s men who staved in the line at Shy’s Hill and started the stampede — so says Stanley Horn and others" -- Civil Warriors -- "A.J. Smith's Gorillas" --
Dan Peterjohn
General, United States Volunteers
4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, XVI Corps
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