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Postby Joe Meyer » Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:53 pm

The ACWGC Union Army awards system recognizes separate battlefield ribbons for any Major Victory (MV) in a scenario rated for 35-or-more turns, be it from an older Battleground or newer HPS game system. The scenario so rated may be an original or accepted modified version. (An accepted mod is one that is listed within the ACWGC Automated System listings.) When an officer wins another MV for the same scenario, his achievement is displayed on the AotT website as part of the hover ID on that ribbon; for instance, "Murfreesboro (3)," the number in paranthesis denoting the total number of duplicate awards.

Prior to the advent of the HPS series of games, Union MV's were denoted by golden battlestars on a plain blue ribbon, the number of stars denoting the number of separate MV's won in the Battleground scenarios. This practice has since been replaced by the newer Battlefield Ribbons; so that a MV won in a BG scenario is now also acknowledge with the awardance of the proper Battlefield Ribbon. During the process of creating the AotT's current website, each officer whose battle record was established before the HPS era was contacted on the display preferences he wished to have relating to his old BG MV's. Thus, while those particular battlestar ribbons appear as requested, they cannot now be expanded.

However, room has been made to recognize the so-called FMV (Five Major Victories) awards from each game series. An FMV award is issued to an officer when he has collected five Major Victories in any scenario, no matter its rated turn size, from the same game package! In this instance the older BG series is represented with its own special FMV ribbons, and the HPS series with their's. Thus the BG FMV ribbons are very distinct from the HPS FMV ribbons. Unlike the battlefield ribbons, the FMV ribbons are not tracked by the AotT's Adjutant. The officer, himself, must keep track of his own qualifying MV's and then, when he has amassed the required five MV's in that particular game package, turn the information over to the AotT Adjutant for authentication and awardance. (Note that it is possible for an officer to have one battlefield ribbon with eight duplicates of the victory, but no resulting FMV if four of the victories were from the HPS series and four from the BG series of the same name.)

In regards to campaign ribbons, the current criteria states that an officer must have won the campaign and have scored at least two Major Victories in the process. There are no campaign ribbons awarded within the BattleGround series. Officers are reminded that it is virtually impossible to distinguish the record of a campaign unless you take the time to select the last scenario selection entitled, "Other (Enter description in Comments including # turns) /0," and then actually stating within the Comments section that the game is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. battle of the campaign and then giving either the actual scenario ID or at least a description of the battle. This is necessary to both properly track the campaign and to make certain that the officer may be awarded a separate battlefield ribbon if the scenario so qualifies and he wins a MV! An accurate description of a campaign scenario can usually be found by accessing the particular campaign file (CPF) within the main folder of the game package and opening the file in Wordpad or similar editing program. The scenario identification will usually be found as the 3rd or 4th line under "----- PEM HEADER -----." It is also important to note the number of turns the scenario is rated.

Officers will notice that there are two designating flags displayed on the website for each officer's individual entry. The flag on the left side is always the AotT's designating command flag. The flag on the right side is meant to be that officer's personal command ensign; that is, a flag of any style, shape, color and/or designation that he chooses to create as long as it is not deemed derogatory or inflamatory in nature as determined by the AC. The flag may be of any style not to exceed a length of 144 pixels and a width of 90 pixels. The officer need only submit the finished graphic in either BMP or GIF format to the AotT's Chief Engineer or AC for it to be included on the website. (It is the custom to allow the various minature medallion devices and/or rank insignia upon the standard if the officer so chooses, but he must provide the various updates to his standard that may be thereafter required. It is also permitted to display the infantry hunting horn symbol upon the standard to represent the Meritorious Unit Citation, with the number of such citations denoted by a number inside the loop of the horn.) In lieu of a personalized standard on the right side of an officer's website entry, the AotT's command designating flag will be repeated.

Each officer also has displayed within his entry the historical shoulderboard and hatbadge of his rank and service. The three branches of field service (infantry, cavalry and artillery) are represented for all company and field grade officers. All General Rank officers display the stars of their rank on the dark blue background of their shoulderboards and the General Staff hatbadge.

The heading display for each of the AotT's divisions is approriately marked with either brass, silver or gold renditions of the Hardee hat pin, denoting one, five or ten 100% musters respectively, the total number arranged and denoted as in Roman numerals (brass=I, silver=V, gold=X).

The AotT's Top Officer is that officer currently holding the greatest amount of OBD points, and is signified by the Civil War era, officer's belt buckle displayed beneath the hatbadge. The AotT's Combat Leader is that officer currently holding the greatest amount of Major Victories, and is signified by the Civil War era, cheststrap buckle beneath the hatbadge.
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