Screenshot Capture & Transmission

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Screenshot Capture & Transmission

Postby Joe Meyer » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:41 am

At the end of each training scenario the player will be presented with the Victory Dialog window, showing the results of that battle. A screenshot must be made of that display. That is done by simply pressing and holding the "Alt" key while also pressing the "PriScn SysRq" key. This will place and hold the digital information into a working buffer. The player may then completely withdraw from the scenario. Any Word document program may then be opened to receive the buffer information. Open the Word doc, select the "Edit" tab, and select "Paste" from the pull down menu. This will transfer the Victory Dialog window onto the document. "Save" the document to any place you wish and label it for your convenience. The document containing the Victory Dialog can then be attached to an e-mail.
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