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A place for UMA Staff and Cadets to practice their forum skills and provide commentary upon their training and game questions. Field army officers and commanders may also participate at their liberty.
Benny Havens was the name of the tavern built beneath the Hudson River bluffs adjacent to the West Point Academy. (See: ... allen-poe/)

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Re: Pennsylvania Cadet

Postby nelmsm » Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:50 pm

Welcome Cadet! Now it's a long standing tradition for new cadets to buy the senior members of the Union Army....well like me for example, copious amounts of alcohol here at the canteen on the off chance you might pry some hard earned lessons out of us. Of course we may choose to have you learn the hard way like we did but you buy your drinks and take your chances. ;) Now I see that you were a veterinarian in the civilized world so maybe you can help me. I've got this sore on my right cheek, not up here cadet but the other cheek and maybe for a few beers you can take a look!
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Re: Pennsylvania Cadet

Postby David Danner » Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:25 am

Congratulations Scott on your choice of gaming. The Union side is full of notable types from the dapper Derald Riggs to the bush-popper Mark Nelms. For me I just got back from vacation and wouldn't you know it, stocks are down, my Orioles got eliminated, and I was sea sick on my cruise. I'm not worried because my tent is still dry and my mount is ready for battle. Salute from Delaware.
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