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Welcome, Registration and a couple of hints

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:21 am
by D.S. Walter
Members of the ACWGC Union Army: Registrations on this forum are only done through the auspices of the Union Army administration upon legitimate request. You must be a current member of the ACWGC, properly cleared returning officer or an academy cadet. Your request for registration should be sent through the proper e-mail channels to the current forum administrator. The administrator will then register and activate your account, sending back to you a temporary Username and Password. By subsequently logging in to your new account you may then change and select your own chosen Username and Password. You may chose any user name and password you see fit. Choosing your real name as a Username will facilitate user administration a lot, but is not a rule.

All visitors have Read-Only access to a few, select number of sub-forums. ACWGC members have additional Read & Write access to the private sub-forums dependent upon their specific Group Permissions. Questions concerning these permission should be directed to the Forum Administrator.

Non-members of the ACWGC Union Army: If you are interested in who we are and are considering to join our club, you can find out more about us as provided below.

The ACWGC main page is at where you will find everything that you need to enroll.

You may view the ACWGC Union Army Recruiting Poster here: