Union Army Report for August 2010

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Union Army Report for August 2010

Postby D.S. Walter » Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:27 am



October 12th, 2010

Union Army Report for August 2010

1. As a result of the unsatisfactory solution for the moderator setup of the new club forums, early in August the Union Army boards were relocated to the site of the UA HQ page to give us complete control of our own forums. Meanwhile, all field armies except AotT have transferred their army taverns to the new site.

2. Army strengths as per AC reports:
AotT—44 (43 mustering active, or 98%)
AotC—37 (18 mustering active, or 49%)
AotS—39 (10 mustering active, or 26%)
AotP—no report received
Union Army total active strength cannot be determined. AotT is to be commended for its continuing very high muster turnout.

3. Victories as per AC reports:
AotC—7 MV, 2 mV, total 9, as opposed to 2 defeats and 1 draws (75% of all battles victories; victories to defeats ratio an incredible 4.5!)
AotS—5 MV, 4 mV, total 9, as opposed to 5 defeats and 7 draws (43% of all battles are victories; victories to defeats ratio 1.8)
AotT—5 MV, 1 mV, total 6, as opposed to 13 defeats and 6 draws (24% of all battles victories; victories to defeats ratio .46)
AotP—no report received
AotC and AotS have a winning record.

4. Military Academy reports 3 graduates and 1 new cadet; 4 cadets currently in training.

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