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Maj. Gen. Sheffield Retirement Ceremony

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:37 pm
by Joe Meyer

The following, official dispatch was transmitted this date from Washington, D.C. to the Field Headquarters of the Army of the Tennessee.

Maj. Gen. John Sheffield
Commander, Second Division, XVI Corps, AotT


As per your request and in accordance with General Order No. 5, Union Army Standing Orders, you are hereby relieved from duty in the Union Army of the Tennessee and retired with full rank and honors from the American Civil War Game Club this date, August 27th, 2017.

General Derald Riggs
Commander, ACWGC Union Army

When an officer of such long-standing tenure and meritorious service elects to retire from active duty in the ACWGC, it demands a pause of respect.

Major General John Sheffield joined the ACWGC in November of 2000, just prior to the establishment of the Department of Records. He was assigned to duty with the now deactivated Army of the Ohio and took command of the 1st Brigade, Second Division, XXIII Corps and maintained his command up until 2009, rising to the rank of Colonel. John was one of the twenty remaining active officers of the AotO who were merged into the equally depleted Army of the Tennessee. Within the re-organization that followed Col. Sheffield was prevailed upon to become the new Division Commander of the Second Division, XVI Corps, a division that assumed the name of "The Lost Tribe." From that time to the present, a period of seven years, John continuously commanded the division with the utmost care and concern. His work and direction resulted in the division recording a total of seventy-seven 100% Monthly Muster Returns, an unheard of level of response which contributed to the sterling reputation maintained by the AotT throughout that period of time.

Along the way John rose in rank to first a brigadier and then a major generalcy. He was awarded a total of seven service awards, five Honorable and two Exemplary Service Medals, two Good Conduct Medals and thirteen Meritorious Unit Citations. He collected a 9-0-17-6-6 battle record and 1,067 OBD Points. Irrespective of the statistics it was John's solid and regular performance of his duty that drew the admiration of both his subordinate and superior officers, a performance that was enhanced with the kindness and consideration he displayed with everyone on every occasion. Officers such as he, who readily devote their time and energies in the assistance to the administration of the club, represent the backbone of the organization. It is from them that the club derives its reputation and continued longevity. And when the club must part with such, it is counted as a loss, one not easily replaced or forgotten.

In recognition of the complete body of his voluntary service General Riggs has authorized the awardance of Outstanding Service Medal to Major General Sheffield on this his last official day as an active Union Army officer of the ACWGC.


The Parade Ground Band will now strike up Auld lang Syne.

Officers and dignitaries are cordially invited to attend the celebrations scheduled for Major General Sheffield in the Parade Ground Mess Tent and to wish him well in his retirement.

Present, ARMS!...Order, ARMS!

Re: Maj. Gen. Sheffield Retirement Ceremony

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:35 pm
by Derald Riggs
I always hate to see a good officer ride off into the sunset. You will always be welcome here.

Re: Maj. Gen. Sheffield Retirement Ceremony

PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:08 am
by cameronm
Yes he is always welcome back, there is always a smart grey uniform awaiting :mrgreen: