Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

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Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby Joe Meyer » Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:14 pm


Lieutenant General David Martin has recently announced his request to step down from the superintendency of the Union Military Academy after a little more than over one-year of service in that role and resume a brigade command within his original, home field army, the Union Army of the Potomac. Accordingly, he received formal orders to that effect yesterday, relinquishing his command to General David Danner, who will serve as the temporary Superintendent. However, Lieutenant General Martin cannot be allowed to assume his new role within the AotT until the ACWGC Union Army has a chance to recognize and honor his service.

David became the UMA Superintendent in June, 2014, after serving for a period of about 5 months as the Assistant Superintendent and academy Instructor. From the moment of his arrival at the UMA he conducted himself with the utmost dedication, bringing a substantial amount of personal enthusiasm to the roles involved. Mindful of his own journey as a cadet through that institution he was impelled to provide the same degree of warmth, consideration and direction that he experienced. David assumed each of his duties with an absolute determination to provide the best outcome possible, frequently making suggestions along the way to enhance and more firmly structure the academy's operation. Punctual, immediate and focused response were his watchwords, and he characteristically displayed a highly responsible demeanor. Nor were his services simply relegated to the UMA. As the Superintendent he was also automatically a member of the Union Army Command Staff (UACS), and most agreeably participated in that body's administrative functions where he provided studied opinions and questions. His contributions to the shaping of Union Army policy and endeavors were both timely and meaningful.

In recognition of his personal qualities and service to the ACWGC Union Army in the critical role of UMA Superintendent, the following awards are presented to him.

Image Image Image

The Union Army's Outstanding Service Medal (1st award), The Union Army's Exemplary Service Order (2nd award) and the Union Army's Honorable Service Medal (1st award).


Lt. Gen. Martin is also authorized to display the Union Military Academy 1-Year Service Ribbon.

By order of General Derald Riggs, Commander ACWGC Union Army.

Present, ARMS!
Order, ARMS!

All officers are invited to extend their congratulations to David for his honors and thanks for his services while freely imbibing from the Mess Tent bar, where we have received cases of the finest French and Italian wines, compliments of General Danner, recently returned from his summer excursions to Europe. Also on tap are the latest kegs of Blue Light beer on consignment from Cincinnati. (Those officers in search of stronger libation may indulge themselves by visiting under a Flag of Truce with CSA General Cameron McOmish in the stable area where he is accepting small donations for shots of "Old Manuel's Mexican Leather Sweat," or so he names it!
General Jos. C. Meyer,
Union Army Chief of Staff
Commander, Army of the Shenandoah
(2011-2014 UA GinC)

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Re: Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby David Martin » Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:46 pm

Thank you Generals Riggs and Meyer!

All I can say is that is was an honor to serve as the Superintendent at the Academy. It was also an honor and a privilege to serve under the direct command of such excellent officers.

Best wishes to General Danner!

Drinks are on me!!!

Lieutenant General David Martin
Army of the Potomac
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Re: Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby R. Sickbert » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:28 am

Gen. Martin

Sir, Congratulations.

We are the better for knowing you. These awards and accolades speak directly to the kind of gamer, club member and person that you are. It is my pleasure to offer you salute as well.


Now then . . . .on to some serious business at the bar . . . .mayhaps even the stable area . . .!
Brig. Gen. R. Sickbert
Fifth Army Corps
Army of the Potomac
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Re: Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby David Danner » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:25 am

Thanks for the best wishes David and congratulations on your awards for service. Salute.
General Dave Danner
Commanding the Union Military Academy
Commanding Cumberland Rifles Division, XX Corps
Army of the Cumberland
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Re: Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby C. Hecht » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:28 am

Congratulations Lt. Gen. Martin!
Surely a hard to replace loss to our academy.
Brigadier General Christian Hecht
Corps Commander I Corps, Army of the Potomac
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Re: Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby Scott Ludwig » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:15 pm

Trading out one Good David for another Good David!! :D

Congrats General Martin on an excellent service to the UMA!! :)
General Scott Ludwig


Commanding Officer & Chief of the Armies (CoA) of the Confederate States of America (CSA)
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Re: Lt. Gen. Martin Awarded for Services!

Postby Dan Peterjohn » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:44 pm

Gen. Martin,


Thank you for your service in a challenging, critical position within the Union Army. We all appreciate your efforts.

Dan Peterjohn
General, United States Volunteers
Army of the Tennessee

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