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Official ACWGC Union Army General rank promotion announcements, command appointments and UA awards are made on the Parade Ground. The Mess Tent serves as a casual place for all club members to socialize, drink or have a meal, as long as they spend Yankee dollars! And, as much as we like to accommodate our Southron brethren, they will not be able to vote in any polls held here, or gain access to the restricted areas.

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ACWGC Memorial Page

Postby Scott Ludwig » Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:30 pm


I know I come here to joke around and have some laughs. But on a more serious matter, I wanted to post this here too, in case some of you folks don't go to the main club forums.

As a reminder guys.....if you know of a member who has passed on, the ACWGC Memorial Page is a place we can list them to honor our members who have passed on. No doubt as the years go on, the friends we make here will pass on too and this is a way that we all can remember & honor them.

The page is: ... morial.htm

You can post additions here or email them to me: or

The main forum post is here too btw: ... =4&t=20225
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