One last drink

Welcome to officers of both sides. Sit down and enjoy a drink served by our lovely barmaids Gloria and Liberty. Trade war stories or tall tales, but remember your deportment; that large man behind the counter will not hesitate to escort you out, if your behavior does not honor your rank!

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One last drink

Postby krmiller » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:45 am

As the greybearded general walks through the door Sergeant Quincannon's face breaks into a wide grin.
"Mulcahy, bring me that keg of Kentucky bourbon I told you never to touch" he bellows into the back room.

As the general and his aide take a seat at a table Quincannon walks over with two glasses.
"General Miller, sure and it's been along time since we've had the pleasure of your company.
I've kept a keg of your favorite on hand hoping you'd stop in." he says as he sets them down.

"Well sergeant, I couldn't very well leave without one last drink at the Winchester or
without saying my goodbyes. You and I spent a lot of time together back when I
was here in the AotS. I remember celebrating my early victories over the rebs.
Gen. Sean Reynolds, Randy Brooks and Jon Martens congratulating me on my promotions.
Having the pleasure of forming the VIII Corps and the many celebrations they had here,
especially the Corcoran's Legions boy's soirees. I see General Murphy and
General Dean are still here, kind of wish Generals Walter, Perronod and Knight were still around."
I still think they were the best division the Union Army has ever had, not only because of
their battle record but all of them spent time serving as commanders at one level or another."

As Mulcahy brings the keg to the table the general looks at the sergeant,
"Quincannon, get glasses for you and Mulcahy, one last drink together."
Filling the glasses the general turns to the bar and raising his glass he says,
"Gentlemen, to the Union and the Army of the Shenandoah."

Gen. Ken Miller
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Re: One last drink

Postby Joe Meyer » Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:37 am

We bid you a fond farewell, General, and the memory of your kindnesses and considerations will linger for quite a while.
General Jos. C. Meyer,
Union Army Chief of Staff
Commander, Army of the Shenandoah
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