AotP Webpages updated for October 2017

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AotP Webpages updated for October 2017

Postby krmiller » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:55 pm


The AotP webpages have been updated with the Awards, current Ranks and OBD levels for all officers.

From my report to Maj. Gen. Osborne earlier this month.

For October the AotP completed 6 battles, for a record of 3-0-1-0-2 making the army record for 2017 15-1-8-4-5.
Barring a major collapse we should have our second straight year with a winning record.

OOB Changes

Col. Thomas Kille won Major Victories at both Brandy Station and the 7 Days Campaign Scenario and is awarded the Brandy Station Ribbon and a 7 Days Ribbon.
Maj. Gen. Osborne won a Major Victory at Gaines Mill for which there is no ribbon.

We still haven’t heard anything from the Cabinet about Col Alvin Baker’s promotion to Brigadier General but I understand it is being discussed.
Note I recently received notice that Col. Baker's promotion was approved so we will have another celebration next month.

I want to congratulate Col. Kille and Maj. Gen. Osborne on their victories.
I also wish to welcome Lt. Walt Dortch recently arrived from the Academy and assigned to 5/2/V.
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