New Cadet reporting

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Re: New Cadet reporting

Postby M. Clausen » Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:46 pm


Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Joe, I am in the Air I really have no useful military knowledge to pass on that would pertain to the Civil War, except perhaps that we should invest in more lighter than air balloons for spotting Rebel troop movements.

My training at UMA is coming along nicely. We're already 12 or so turns into our training game which only started on Monday. Fortunately our schedules line up so that we are getting 2 turns complete each day (and more on the weekends).

I'm looking forward to getting the green light from Maj Gen Kolcun so I can get a few more games going (although they won't all have to be going this fast...I do after all have a job and a family). I'm particularly interested in trying a multi-player game. So if anyone knows of one starting soon, keep me in mind.

Good to see there is interest here in VASSAL gaming as well. For those who aren't familiar with it, I just want to point out that VASSAL is not a game per se, but a computer program that allows you to play board games via email. There are about fifteen hundred games that have modules made for them (except SPI games, those guys and their lawyers are not down with VASSAL). Some game companies, GMT for one, even go so far as producing the modules of their new releases, to ensure they are top quality. Check it out at If you've got an old board game you want to pbem, you might easily be able to do so if the module is built. It also comes in handy for playing games alone, without having to annoy your wife by taking over the dining room table.

Speaking of my wife, I'm sure she'll have words for me regarding the negative effect this will have on a Cadet's income; but the next round's on me.

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Re: New Cadet reporting

Postby C. Hecht » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:56 am

Welcome aboard sir!
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