Assaulting fortified positions

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Assaulting fortified positions

Postby J. McMahon » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:54 am

Are there any general tactical tips or advice for assaulting fortified positions? Is it best to concentrate fire on one particular unit in a stack or spread it out?
J. McMahon
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Re: Assaulting fortified positions

Postby nsimms » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:51 pm

There are a lot of variables in the answer.

Check the parameter data to see how much your fire is being reduced, particularly if you are playing a custom scenario where the designer may have changed the ordinary parameters that you are used to and failed to tell you of the changes. Embankments, terrain (forest, etc), elevation, and breastworks can all impact how much your fire is reduced/increased. Usually, a unit behind an embankment that has built breastworks is not worth firing at and drawing the return fire. Units behind embankments with breastworks can usually only be dislodged if they do not occupy every hex and thus you can advance over the embankments (requires two turns) into their vacant hexes and force them to withdraw.

The cumulative size of the units in the hex can help to determine if firing at all is worthwhile. If you have selected the Density Fire Modifier in the Optional Rules then to have fire against a target hex with more than 2/3 of the maximum stacking increased. This increase is proportional to the stacking value up to a maximum of 150% at maximum stacking. However remember that they will have a defensive fire.

Once you have moved into a hex next to the opponent, you can see the quality of each individual unit. Your own inclination can dictate which you fire at. A "D" quality unit has a better chance of routing from your fire than does an "A" quality unit. However, there may be times that you would rather wear down his higher quality units than see a routed unit. All things being equal, I usually fire at the unit with the most men.

Whether or not you have a flank shot on any of the units can dictate which unit that you fire at since a flank shot increases their chances of routing.

Considering all of the above can lead to a decision as to whether or not to fire all of your units at one opposing unit or to divide up your fire among various units within the hex. Save your ammo and don't fire at units that are behind embankments with breastworks. Not only don't fire at them but stay away from them unless you're trying to breach their wall because they do not occupy every hex.

Lets expand this to include firing artillery. Is it best to fire them individually or all together? That becomes very opinionated. When firing at infantry/cavalry, I think that the cumulative effects are the same either way. When firing at artillery, the more guns I have firing at one time increases my chances of taking out enemy artillery pieces (my opinion).

Hope this helps and someone else maybe can add to it.
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