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Results of AotC Hard Count

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:57 pm
by M. Lichtenberg

I have concluded the hard count muster in preparation for a reorganization of the Army. The results are:

36 Officers assigned
24 Officers reporting.
12 Officers will be removed from the rolls.

I am considering the following organization for the Army. It is an attempt to minimize the movement of officers and keep intact those Divisions with a strong record of officer participation. I invite comment and all suggestions will be considered. My intent is to finalize the new structure by February 15, 2018.

Army Commander: Lt.Gen (V) Mark Lichtenberg

XIV Corp Commander: Gen Bret Kolcun
(I understand Gen Kolcun is willing to Command until we can find a replacement)

1st Division: BG Richard Whipkey (moved from Cav/20th Corps)
Gen Ned Sims (1st Bde)
MG Robert Frost (2d Bde)
LtCol Tom Lifsey (3d bde)
Gen Doug Shaw (moved from Cav/20 Corps)

2nd Division: MG John Fogarty (moved from 1/20th Corp)
MG Paul Ayers (1st bde)
1LT Kellogg III (2d Bde)
Gen Antony Barlow (moved from 1/20th Corps)
MG Thomas Ciampa (5th Bde)
Gen Mark Nelms (6th Bde)

Cav Division Gen Dirk Gross
LtCol Simon Patrick (1st Bde)
BG David Guegan (2d Bde)
LtCol Tony Best (3d Bde)
2Lt ScottReed (4th Bde)
1Lt James Bell (6th Bde)

XX Corp Commander: Unfilled (as necessary Gen Danner will act as Commander)

1st Division (unfilled)

2nd Division Gen David Danner
Col Greg Hanbuch (1st Bde)
BG Steve Johnson (2d Bde)
Col John Ferry (3d Bde)
1st Lt Michael Barycki (3th Bde)

Cav Division (unfilled)

Note: under this proposal only four of 24 officers will change units.

Best Regards,

Mark Lichtenberg
Lieutenant General, United States Volunteers
Army of the Cumberland

Re: Results of AotC Hard Count

PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:53 am
by brett kolcun
Thanks Mark. Yes I can take command of XIV Corps.