New Recruits!

Welcome to officers of both sides. Sit down and enjoy a drink served by our lovely barmaids Helga and Ingrid. Trade war stories or tall tales, but remember your deportment; that large man behind the counter will not hesitate to escort you out, if your behavior does not honor your rank!

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New Recruits!

Postby brett kolcun » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:50 pm

Officers of the Army of the Cumberland <salute>

Please join me in welcoming the following recruits to our ranks.

Lars Wistedt - 5th Brigade/ 1st Division XIV Corps
Harry Kellogg - 2nd Brigade/2nd Division XIV Corps

John Lutes - 1st Brigade/ 1st Division XX Corps
Greg Hanbuch - 1st Brigade/ 2nd Division XX Corps

Drinks are on me. Belly up men!

MG Kolcun

AOC, Commanding
Major General Brett Kolcun
brett kolcun
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Re: New Recruits!

Postby John Fogarty » Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:01 pm

Welcome! Fresh Recruits!

You are sorely needed!


MG John Fogarty
1st Division, XX Corps
John Fogarty
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Re: New Recruits!

Postby Gen Lars W » Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:50 am

Fresh and fresh.... rather an injured veteran returning to the colors... I joined the AotC way back in 1999 or so, and was thoroughly trained by Gen Burke, him wearing "Longstreet's Other Boot"... Had to use all of my boots to kick back, IIRC.

Good to be back gents, but activity on the battlefield seems to be very low nowadays.
Gen Lars W
5th Brigade/ 1st Div/ XIV Corps
Army of the Cumberland
Gen Lars W
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