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Service Medal Criteria

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 ~ The Army of the Tennessee Service Medal ~
    The Army of the Tennessee Service Medal and ribbon has been conceived as an award unique to the ACWGC Union Army of the Tennessee, and may only be issued to a current or former AotT officer under the guidelines and criteria stated herein.
    This medal and the accompanying ribbon are meant to be awarded to those officers of the ACWGC Union Army of the Tennessee who have demonstrated their abiding good service as veteran members of the AotT by having completed or attained the criteria listed below. The award should be viewed as an earned, plateau achievement of continued army membership and not be regarded as a singular distinction of battlefield prowess. Officers who have earned this medal and ribbon will have done so from their demonstrated commitment to their duties and resulting sense of contribution to the good health and welfare of the ACWGC Army of the Tennessee.

    The Army of the Tennessee Service Medal is a close approximation of the actual Society of the Army of the Tennessee’s badge created for that historical army’s surviving members. The main differences between the two is that the ACWGC version has the red and blue ribbon colors reversed and an extended ribbon length, terminating in a second gold bar bearing the inscription, “TENNESSEE.”
    The central medallion is composed of a golden eagle at rest, perched upon a silver arrow, the symbol of the XVII Corps. The eagle's breast is superimposed with a silver, circular shield, upon which is surmounted the golden badge of the XVI Corps, that of the "A.J. Smith Cross." Upon the cross is surmounted in turn the black, cartridge box symbol of the XV Corps. A golden victory wreath rises from the eagle's folded wings, encircling its head and providing the support from which the entire medallion is suspended from the top, golden bar by a long golden chain. The top and bottom gold bars are joined by the extended ribbon, which is rendered in three, vertical stripes of dark blue, white and blood red, the central white stripe being slightly shorter in width. The top bar bears the inscription, "ARMY OF THE," while the lower bar that of "TENNESSEE."
    The accompanying flash ribbon is a simple rendition of the main medal's ribbon colors without any other device.

    Time in AotT Service -  The officer must have “served” within the AotT, per se, a total of 6 months as an “officer in good standing;” that is, he must have, at a minimum, have provided his personal response to the monthly Muster Call for a total of 6 months, the months need not having been consecutive in nature. There is no maximum set out for the total number of months it may take to achieve this requirement. However, there may not have been any instance of that officer having been “Hospitalized,” defined as having been legitimately detached to the AotT Hospital by reason of three, successive months of non-contact.
    Army Commander's Approbation -  The officer must receive the approbation or endorsement of the current Army Commander after achieving the first requirement, signaling that the officer so qualified to receive the award has not otherwise conducted himself in a manner deemed dishonorable or unbecoming to the AotT. In the event it is the Army Commander who is eligible, the approbation will be signaled jointly by the current corps commanders.

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