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 ~ (List of Officers Presently Assigned To Hospital) ~
Third and Final Month

Second Month

First Month
Brigadier General Charles Babb

 ~ (Alphabetical List of Officers Discharged From Hospital) ~

    Apfel, Abe, Lt.; Anson, Edward, Brig. Gen.; Balaguer, Victor, Lt.; Burton, Ephraim, Lt. Col.; Campbell, Luke, Brig. Gen.; Cassely, Bill, Col.; Carlile, Eric, Lt. Col.; Clements, Dave, Lt.; Cobleigh, Gary, Gen.; Cotter, John, Col.; Dawson, Keith, Lt. Col.; Dobbie, Paul, Lt.; Earls, David, Lt.; Erikkson, Magnus, Lt.; Ferrer, Ernest, Lt. Col.; Harmon, Rich, Lt.; Hewett, Robert, Col.; Houston, Charlie, Lt.; Jackson, Ryan, Capt.; Kiley, John, Lt. Col.; Kral, Steven, Brig. Gen.; Lewis, Mark, Lt. Col.; Linquanti, Tom, Maj. Gen.; Maschino, Tyler, Lt. Col.; McCullogh, Lee, Lt.; McPhail, Ross, Capt.; Mienecke, Jeorg, Capt.; Morris, Roland, Capt.; Perrotti, Noah, Lt.; Purinton, Darryl, Lt. Col.; Rodriquez, Antonio, Maj.; Sanchez, Roberto, Lt. Col.; Santachi, Mike, Lt.; Schulze, Chris, Lt.; Smith, Jeff, Lt.; Swann, Chris, Capt.; Szala, Gabriel, Lt. Col.; Thorvaldsson, Dan, Lt.; Trommel, Andreas, Col.; Wagenhoffer, Drew, Lt. Col.; Wennerberg, Steven, Maj. Gen.; and Whitehead, Jim, Lt.

    Bedford, Simon, Lt.; Bramley, Alex, Col.; Boyzk, Mike, Lt.; Brogden, John, Col.; Carter, Edmund, Capt.; Caudill, Jim, Lt.; Coffey, Sean, Lt.; Domalski, Cezary, Lt.; Dunkerley, Pat, Lt.; Eck, Steve, Lt.; Evans, James, Brig. Gen.; Fichtner, Dave, Lt. Col.; Gremmels, John, Brig. Gen.; Klein, Dan, Brig. Gen.; Layman, Brent, Maj.; Luebbert, Wayne, Maj.; Mainwaring, Kevin, Maj. Gen.; Malone, Bob, Col.; Marchese, Steve, Col.; Melchione, Mike, Lt.; Morrison, Matthew, Lt. Col.; Sherfy, Joe, Capt.; Smith, William, Col.; Stewart, George, Col.; Voelker, Tom, Lt.; and Weierman, Mark, Maj.
    Club Rule 2.6.2 Missing in Action. Officers who continually fail to report to their superior officer (muster), who fail to report back to duty after their authorized LoA has expired, or who otherwise show no continued club activity may be declared Missing in Action (MIA) by their CoA.

    Club Rule MIA officers will have their names removed from the active rolls of either military group. The Club will maintain the names of these inactive officers, but they will be considered inactive (not regular) and therefore will have no vote in club elections.

    UA General Order No. 5, Officer Status. An officer is considered to be in "good standing" if he is in contact with his chain-of-command. He maintains his rank, awards, OBD Points, command billet and field army assignment, as well as all voting privileges.

An officer is considered Out-of-Contact (OOC) if he has not answered his Muster in any given month. He maintains his rank, awards, OBD Points, command billet and field army assignment, as well as all voting privileges. The AC, or his designated subordinate, shall be responsible for attempting to contact the OOC officer at least once each month during this period, the contact to take at a minimum the form of a courteous e-mail, all such attempts retained within the AC's records for documentation. If such an officer is not heard from for a consecutive, three-month period, he will be moved to that field army's Hospital.

After an officer has remained OOC from his command for three, consecutive months he will be considered hospitalized. Once hospitalized, he will be temporarily removed from his command billet by his field Army Commander (AC), but retains his rank, awards and OBD Points. While hospitalized, this officer has three, additional months to re-establish contact with his command. His AC, or designated subordinate, is responsible for monthly, courteous attempts by e-mail to contact this officer. All attempted contact documentation will be retained within the AC's records. If the said officer has not regained contact during his consecutive, three-month hospitalization, he will be referred by his AC through his Theater Commander (TC) to the CoA for final disposition.

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