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UA Good Conduct Medal Criteria

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AotT Criteria
    The ACWGC Union Army Good Conduct Medal and ribbon, a 5 OBD Award Point value, and is awarded to those officers who "display exemplary conduct in their role as an officer of the Union Army." The award is subjective to an AC's interpretation and may be recommended from any of his subordinate commanders. Within the AotT there is a specific criteria under which this medal is awarded, first promulgated by General Joseph Meyer, in January of 2011.
    This medal and the accompanying ribbon are meant to be awarded to those officers of the ACWGC Union Army of the Tennessee who have demonstrated their abiding good service as veteran members of the AotT by having completed or attained the criteria listed below. While an otherwise excellent officer may have satisfied or exceeded two of these criteria and faulted on the barest of margins on another, it is important to remember that there is a specific value associated with the award that must be met, and that those same criteria offer a future inducement to the good order and health of this army on the part of all of its officers.

    The Union Army Good Conduct Medal ribbon is a multi-colored ribbon composed of a wide central band of mustard-gold, bordered on each side with a dark blue trim and flanked on by sky-blue bars to the outside. The central band is further divided by two, separated, small red stripes, bordered in white and also flanked in dark blue.
    The medallion is a subdued, golden representation of the American Coat-of-Arms eagle, suspended from a crown wreath of green laurel leaves, the whole being a reproduction of the actual medallion used upon the original medal of the Society of the Ark and the Dove.

    Time of Issuance -  This award is only available for issuance at the end of each half of the year
    Consecutive Muster Response -  The officer must have provided a Muster Call Response for each of the six months of that half-year period.
    Place of Muster Responses -  The officer must have made each of his six Muster Reports within the Eagle's Perch Conference Hall. There is no restriction placed upon the quality or content of the Muster Reports.
    Game Activity -  The officer must have had a minimum of two games underway or completed within the the same six-month time period.

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