Union Army of the Shenandoah

Division Commander Duties

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 ~ Division Commander (DC), AotS ~
  • Maintain games in a timely and enjoyable fashion agreeable to your opponents.
  • Visit the ACWGC Main Forum, the Union Army HQ Forum (including the AotS Winchester Arms Subforum), and the AotS Home Page at least once a month to keep abreast of army news and developments.
  • Upon receipt of the Corps Commander's "Muster Call" E-mail, conduct the Monthly Muster for the division and report the results to him.
    • Send out a "Muster Call" E-mail to each officer within the division immediately after receiving the Corps Commander's notice, directing them to make either a Muster Report in the Winchester Arms Back Room, or make a response through the ACWGC Muster selection in the Reports Section of the Department of Records, or make a reply to your E-mail before the 15th of each month. Copy the Corps Commander on all Muster Call communications.
    • Send out a second "Muster Call Reminder" as may be needed on or about the 10th of each month, reminding those officers who have not yet made a Muster Report that such will be due no later than the 15th of the month. Copy the Corps Commander on all Muster Call communications.
    • No later than the 16th of each month, report the result of the Divisional Muster to the Corps Commander.
  • Take responsibility for the morale and effectiveness of the Division, making award recommendations for the Brigade Commanders based upon their performance, and providing promotional recommendations as required.
  • Take direct, primary responsibility for the reception, training and patronage of all junior officers assigned to the division.
    • Welcome new officers to the division.
      • Discuss the option of the new officer adopting a nickname for his brigade, once he has been assigned to a regular, non-reserve billet.
    • Check to see if the new officer is properly registered in the ACWGC and Union Army HQ Forums.
    • Refer the newly assigned officer to the AotS Advanced Training Officer (ATO), if present, to engage him within a manuever game to assist his level of training in registering games, reporting games, finding opponents, and in providing additional skill set instruction. If a designated AotS Advanced Training Officer is not present, undertake these duties directly.
  • Support all officers of the division with any club or game concerns.
  • Assist the Corps Commander or the Army Commander with any additional reports or duties as may be required, and make recommendations for improvement in army operation as may be deemed appropriate.
  • Represent the division in an honorable, dutiful and respectful manner contributing to the good order of the Army of the Shenandoah and as becoming an officer of the ACWGC Union Army.
  • The Division Commander shall be considered an officer of the Army of the Shenandoah's Command Staff.

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