Union Army of the Shenandoah

Chief Engineer Duties

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 ~ Chief Engineer (CE), AotS ~
 (The AotS Army Commander shall be responsible for these duties if no Chief Engineer has been appointed.)
  • Maintain games in a timely and enjoyable fashion agreeable to your opponents.
  • Visit the ACWGC Main Forum, the Union Army HQ Forum (including the AotS Winchester Arms Subforum), and the AotS Home Page at least once a month to keep abreast of army news and developments.
  • Upon receipt of the Army Commander's "Muster Call" e-mail, make either a Muster Report in the Winchester Arms Back Room, or make a response through the ACWGC Muster selection in the Reports Section of the Department of Records, or make a reply to the AC's E-mail before the 15th of each month.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated, the Chief Engineer performs all of the duties associated with his normal field command, as outlined above.
  • The Chief Engineer may be directly responsible for the creation and origination of the army's forums and website(s), such work performed under the direction and supervision of the Army Commander or Chief of Staff.
  • The Chief Engineer is directly responsible for the maintenance of the army's Internet forums and webpages including the following:
    • Makes regular updates to the army website for all awards, rank updates and OBD points adjustments, on or about the 20th of each month.
    • Makes additions, deletions or changes to the OOB display as personnel transactions occur.
    • Insures the viability of the host website, making recommendation for change as may be necessary.
    • Maintains and safeguards all file archives of the army website as insurance against unexpected loss of codes.
  • Makes recommendations and suggestions for the improved quality and enhancement of the army website and forum as appropriate.
  • Educates, familiarizes and instructs officers assigned as his assistants in the operation and maintenance of the army's forums and websites.
  • The Chief Engineer shall be considered an officer of the Army of the Shenandoah's Administrative Staff in addition to his field command duties.

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