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    The UNION ARMY OF THE Shenandoah is expanding by one division each to both of its existing corps, and by one entire, four-division corps! The new corps is to be designated as the XIX Corps. At full strength the new corps will number twenty-nine officers and consist of four, seven-man divisions with a corps commander. A seventh "Reserve Brigade" is attached to each division for use a training/expansion utility unit. With the addition of a fourth division in each of the existing corps, that will be an increase of fourty-three total officers.

    Both former ACWGC retired officers and new recruits are welcomed. The new corps and division commanders will be selected from the existing AotS officer cadre, while most of the brigade assignments will be given to the newer officers. Each new division will be assembled and from the temporary "Reserve Brigade" berths in the two existing corps and then transeferred into the new corps. The new designating flags are displayed below.

Song title: Military Drum Cadence, from the album, Follow the Band
by Otto Jensen
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