Union Army of the Shenandoah
Muster Guide
 ~ (Promulgated as an AotS Army Circular, November 30, 2013) ~
    This paper is offered as an easy-to-read guide for the monthly Muster process for Army of the Shenandoah officers.

    All AotS officers are obligated by ACWGC Club Rule and Union Army Standing Orders to make a “Muster Report” once each month. Your Muster Report serves as a statement that you are still active in the club!

    Your report may be a simple reply to your Muster Call e-mail, a posting of your activities in any manner your wish in the Back Room of the AotS Winchester Arms Forum, or by use of the ACWGC DoR Muster Report function. OBD points are awarded for each Muster Report made: 1 point for an e-mail reply; 2 points for a report made either within the DoR Muster Report function or in the Winchester Arms Back Room. Detailed reports of any kind will be awarded 3 OBD Points.

    Here’s how it all works. On or about the 1st of each month, the Army Commander will make his own report in the Winchester Arms Back Room and signal the Corps Commanders to begin the “Muster Call.” The Corps Commanders should then signal their Division Commanders to do the same with their Brigade Commanders. An officer's Muster Report can be submitted as either a reply posted in the Winchester Arms Back Room, by use of the DoR Muster Report function, or as a simple reply to the Muster Call e-mail received. The Muster Call should always be made no later than the 5th of each month

    Corps and Division Commanders are only responsible for those officers who are currently attached to their commands. The Army Commander will have direct jurisdiction over officers placed within the AotS Hospital. The AotS Hospital will contain any officer who has gone Out-of-Contact (OOC) for a period of three, consecutive months or more. While all AotS Officers have until the 20th of the each month to make their individual Muster Response, Corps and Division Commanders will insure that a reminder has been sent to each officer of their command from whom no response has been received or posted by the 10th of the month. Responses filed after the 20th will not be counted, as the Monthly AotS Army Report must be filed with Union Army Headquarters on or about the 20th.

    The Muster Report is a report of an officer’s activities since his last report. The report may be as simple or as elaborate as the officer may wish to construct it.

    Each month each division will be tallied to see how many of its assigned officers have made muster. If all of a division’s assigned officers have filed Muster Reports, the division will be awarded the status of a “TWIN STAR DIVISION HONOR GUARD.” More than one division each month may be so awarded. If a division maintains a “TWIN STAR DIVISION HONOR GUARD” award for six, straight months, all of the officers of that division will be awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. This award, in turn, may be awarded multiple times for subsequent six-month periods.

    Mustering is considered an opportunity to stand with your fellow officers once each month and make recognition of a common interest and commitment. It’s just plain, good manners and a privilege! Where else do we as members of the ACWGC receive so much for so little in return? By making our own, individual Muster Report we are expressing that we are responsible as members of the club, that we have a common, shared interest, and that we acknowledge that same thing in our brother officers. We are saluting each other and having fun in the process.

    Of course, there’s a very good, practical reason why we do this, too! Mustering is the mechanism by which we keep tabs on who's still around, or who is still active or not. We do that because we've an excellent, active and functioning roster and game record program that lies at the heart of the operation of the club's primary reason for existence...the sanctioned playing of these wonderful games with opponents who share the same motivations. All of us who are here now will someday leave by choice or circumstance. None of us will be here forever. When that happens, it should be known. Sometimes, however, an officer will simply walk away without notification or be unavoidably erased from active participation because of loss of financial support, family emergency, illness or death, or disinterest, etc. Mustering provides us with the means of the possibility of knowing when that happens.

    Mustering is the individual officer’s responsibility. It’s your responsibility! It’s not your Division, Corps or Army Commander’s responsibility…it’s yours! No one has the time to dig through the Department of Records and checking on your game record to see if you’re still active. No one has the time to be contacting your former opponents to find out if you’re there or not. It’s all up to you.

    The club has suitable and considerate rules in place to deal with an officer who goes out of communication for whatever reason, or who feels that he doesn’t have to be responsible. These rules are all easily accessible at both the club’s main page and at Union Army Headquarters. The members of the AotS Command Staff are aware of these rules and are both obligated and prepared to follow them.

    The Union Army of the Shenandoah develops a good portion of its character and camaraderie through its Mustering policies. An AotS officer takes the time to “STAND TO THE LINE” each month with his brother officers and say, “I’M HERE, TOO!”

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