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George H. Thomas Achievement Medal [click to view certificate] Medal of Honor Outstanding Service Medal Kearny Cross of Valor Distinguished Service Medal Combat Badge
Meritorious Unit Citation HPS Campaign Victory - Corinth HPS Campaign Victory - Gettysburg HPS Campaign Victory - Peninsula HPS Campaign Victory - Shiloh HPS Campaign Victory - Atlanta
HPS Campaign Victory - Chickamauga Battleground Gettysburg - 5 major victories (total 6) HPS Peninsula - 5 Major Victories (total 6) HPS Shiloh - 5 Major Victories (total 5) Second Bull Run (2) Antietam (2)
Fredericksburg, 2 Day Chancellorsville, 5 Day Rappahannock Gettysburg (3) Shiloh (3) Calf Killer Creek
Chickamauga Murfreesboro Resaca Kennesaw Chase Siege of Atlanta Corinth
Val VerdeChickasaw Bayou Beaver Dam Creek Malvern Hill Siege of Richmond Seven Days
Victorious AoC/AoG Campaign 2001 Victorious AoC/AoM Battle for Cumberland Gap Challenge 2003 Participant in AoC/AoA Tavern Tournament 2003 AoC Battle of the Species Tournament 2004 - PARTICIPANT IN CANINE TREE [click to view larger image] Victorious AoA/AoC Tournament 2004-5 [click to view larger image] Participant in 2005-6 AoC/AoG "Great Tennessee Turkey Shootout"
AoC-AoG Bar Room Brawl II Tournament 2008 - Battle Ribbon with Silver Braid for Victory AoC-AoA Collision in the West Tournament 2009 - Major Victory Ribbon

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~ Western Theater Army and Corps Commanders ~

Army of the Cumberland
Gen. Derald Riggs
Army of the Tennessee
Gen. Joseph C. Meyer
XIV Corps, AoC
Lt. Gen. Dirk Gross {HQ}
XV Corps, AoT
Gen. Randy Hartwig
XX Corps, AoC
Lt. Gen. Atle Jenssen
XVI Corps, AoT
Lt. Gen. Michael Dowling

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~ Western Theater Commanders, past and present ~

General James L. Woods Jr. ?? - Jun 2000
General Michael Zynski Jun 2000 - ??
General Bill Zuelsdorff ?? - Aug 2006
General Don Golen Sep 2006 - Aug 2007
General Antony Barlow Sep 2007 -

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