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Commanding Officer
General Lars Wistedt {1,495.32}

Army of the Cumberland Staff

Executive officer,Chief Engineer

Lt. General Ken Bascom{715.22}

XX Corps

Commanding Officer
Brigadier General Lee Gast{409.52}


1st Division

Commanding Officer
LT General Doug Burke {979.95}

1 st Brigade Colonel Andrew Murby {193.76}
2 nd Brigade Colonel Steve Johnson {195.97}
3 rd Brigade " Black sheep Brigade" Colonel Yves Michel{214.56}
4 th Brigade Brig.General Loren D. Drummond {376.72}

2 nd Division
Ghost Division

Commanding Officer
Brig.General Alex Ruhrmann {372.02}

1 st Brigade Lt David Danner {63.96}
2 nd Brigade Lt Jeff Geringer {30}
3 rd Brigade "North Staffordshires" Brigadier General Andrew Welsh {383.51}
4 th Brigade Lt. Atle Jenssen {30}

3 rd Division

Commanding Officer
Brigadier General Antony Barlow {349.42}

1 st Brigade "Brittany Volunteers" Lt Colonel David Guegan {190.48}
2 nd Brigade Lt Colonel Joe Crespo {129.3}
3 rd Brigade Lt. Craig Robertson {30}
4 th Brigade Lt. Thomas D. Ciampa {36.74}
5 th Brigade Lt. Tom Doran {30}


1 st Division

Commanding Officer

Major General Doug Mcgregor {548.19}

1 st Brigade Major General Al Amos {580.88}
2 nd Brigade Lieutenant Tom Page {30}
3 rd Brigade Lt Colonel Chad Kinghorn {132.03}
4 th Brigade Captain Jim McGarry { 53.32}

1st Division

Commanding Officer
Colonel Gary L. Larsen {215.56}

1 st Brigade " The Bull Brigade" Colonel Adrian Bull {222.30}
2 nd Brigade Brigadier General Dirk Gross {301.92}
3 rd Brigade Lt Todd Hufnagel {77.34}
4 th Brigade Brigadier General Bvt. Robert Frost {368.78}

2 nd Division

Commanding Officer

Brigadier General John Armstrong {497.97}

1 st Brigade Colonel Fynn E, Carroll {157.06}
2 nd Brigade Major Noel Fazakerely {151.78}
3 rd Brigade Colonel Daniel G.Lindsay {179.8}
4 th Brigade Major General Jess Norris {525.44}

Active Resurve Division

Commanding Officer
Lt. General Ken Bascom{715.22}

1 st Brigade Lt Colonel John E. Coyle {122.2}
2 nd Brigade Lt Colonel Phil Robinson{121.84}
3 rd Brigade Major Douglas "Sluggo" Lagomarsino {60}

4th Brigade Brigadier General Brad Young {567.54}

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The AoC Infirmary Corps

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The Woodin Injun Tavern


AotC Secret HQ

Western Theater

AoC Top DoG Challenge

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ACW Club


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Other helpful links

ACW Automated File system

AoC Medals and Ribbons page

Games in progress information


OBD Points Calculator


The AoC Rules and Regs


Divisional Monthly Report


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This page maintained and updated by Lt Gen Ken Bascom last Updated october 20 2002
All ranks and points are as of september 2002. Updated from General O'Connor Union army Commander