The Army of the Cumberland

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Lieutenant General Scott MacPhee, Commanding (624.8)
Army of the Cumberland Staff
Executive Officer MajGen Frank Mullins
Adjutant Col Adrian Bull
Staff Col Nick DeStefano
Staff LtCol Brad Young
Staff Capt Dale Amsbaugh

XIV Corps

Major General Doug Burke , Commanding (540.7)
1st Division
Col Lars Wisted (248.8)
1st Brigade, BdGen Sasa Jencic (535.8)
2nd Brigade, 1Lt Thomas L. Gibson-Bunn (30.0)
3rd Brigade, Capt. Jason Peterson (55.4)
4th Brigade, LtCol Steve Johnson  (143.8)
5th Brigade, Major Andrew Murby (67.1)
2nd Division "The King's Own"

BdGen Scott Reed (302.1)
1st Brigade, Vacant (0.0)
2nd Brigade, LtCol Rabih Nasser (119.8)
Green Mountain Brigade, Capt Lee Gast (45.0)
4th Brigade, LtCol Joe Crespo (90.7)
5th Brigade, LtCol Dale Amsbaugh (102.0) 
MacPhee's Highlanders
MajGen Frank Mullins (476.9)
The Sunfighter Brigade, Col John Armstrong (214.3)
The Ohio Volunteers, LtCol John Kiley (93.1)
3rd Brigade, Capt Fred Venette (45.0)
Lindsay's Volunteer Scotsmen, Capt Daniel G. Lindsay (46.4)
5th Brigade, Major Dirk Gross (61.8)
XX Corps

MajGen Joe Engberg, Commanding (317.7)
1st Division
BdGen Doug McGregor (373.1)
1st Brigade, Major John E. Coyle (60.0)
2nd Brigade, 1Lt Robert L. Francke (30.0)
3rd Brigade, LtCol Mike Nickerson (91.4)
Black Sheep Brigade, LtCol Yves Michel (134.6)
5th Brigade, LtCol Steve Smith (124.4)
2nd Division
Col Brad Young (109.9) 
1st Brigade, Major Alistair Physick (60.0)
2nd Brigade, Vacant
3rd Brigade, Col Steve Takacs (157.7)
4th Brigade, LtCol Rob Taylor (81.9)
5th Brigade, Vacant
3rd Division
Col Paul Sidhu (262.0)
1st Brigade, Vacant
Pioneer Brigade, Capt Bill Woodruff (55.5)
3rd Brigade, LtCol Chad Kinghorn (75.0)
4th Brigade, Col Antony Barlow (150.0)
5th Brigade, Vacant
XXI Corps

MajGen Nick DeStefano, Commanding (301.7)
1st "Free State" Division
Col Michael Uhrich(142.0)
The Bull Brigade, LtCol Adrian Bull  (123.3)
2nd Brigade, Vacant
3rd Brigade, Major Phil Robinson (70.6)
4th Brigade, Vacant
5th Brigade, Vacant
Man of War Division
Col Jess Norris (150.1)
New England Brigade, Col Stewart Mellyn (172.1)
The Iowa Brigade, Capt G.L. Larsen (46.0)
The Brave Old Brigade,  Vacant
4th Brigade, 1Lt Willie Sweet (30.0)
5th Brigade, Major Bob Johnson (60.0)
The True North Division
LtCol Loren D. Drummond (143.3)
1st Brigade, Major Peter Roy Lewis (60.0)
North Missouri Mauraders, BdGen Al Amos (379.2)
3rd Brigade, Capt Robert Frost (57.0) 
North Staffordshires, LtCol Andrew Welsh (75.0)
Amsterdam Brigade, LtCol Donald Stumpf (90.9)
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AoC Battle Summaries
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